Rancheria High School
Curriculum : Curriculum

Rancheria High School provides a strong individualized program that enables our students to reach their academic potential and to develop into responsible citizens. Our program is small but diverse and we help each individual discover his or her interests and strengths. We provide a well rounded program that enables students to pursue academics and/or occupational interests so that they will be ready to take the next step either into the world of work or higher education.

Rancheria High School was founded in 1976 and was mandated to provide alternative, flexible methods for students to achieve their goals of graduation.
Today Rancheria has a population of about thirty students at any one time (and about fifty throughout the school year), a staff which includes a principal, two teachers (2.1FTE) and one classified employee who provides child care. In addition, two counselors work with students. This year, we have been fortunate to work with an art teacher and a computer teacher.

Rancheria High School is located in the heart of the redwoods in rural Mendocino County, forty-five minutes from the coast and approximately two and half-hours north of San Francisco. The twenty-five mile long Valley, (eighteen miles in the Valley proper), is a narrow cut in the Mendocino Plateau of California’s Coastal Mountain Range and is the largest valley in western Mendocino County. The Valley consists of a flat floor, rolling slopes, and steep mountains on three sides. Fed by the waters of Anderson Creek, Rancheria Creek, and the Navarro River, and located in two climatic subdivisions, the land was a rich agriculture and timber region for many years. The main communities in the Valley are Yorkville, Boonville, Philo, and Navarro. Although each of these particular towns is small, it is estimated that there is a population of approximately 3,000 people in the total Valley area.

Earning a High School Diploma

Rancheria High School has a requirement of 220 credits to graduate. 160 credits are in the basic core curriculum and 60 are elective credits. Students can also earn a limited number of credits for work experience. Students’ class requirements are assessed from the number of credits they have earned upon entering the program. Together, we map a clear course for graduation. The emphasis is on earning their high school diploma.

Getting a Job

Students are required to fill out a job application. The student body and staff are helpful in finding employment for those that are ready and able to work.

Getting a Drivers License

Since Rancheria High School is a rural remote school, the emphasis is on students getting their driver’s license as soon as they are able.

Students complete classwork and are taken to the DMV in Ukiah or Fort Bragg to take the written test. Driver’s Education is available for those students who get their driving permit. Students are then taken to Ukiah to complete their "behind the wheel" test. Students and staff always celebrate a driver’s license.

Alternative PE

In order to address the state standards in physical fitness, fine motor skills, coordination, and cooperative activities; to meet the alternative needs of our diverse population; and to foster a love for lifelong learning, we offer an
eclectic range of activities that includes juggling, unicycle riding, and stilt walking, alongside more traditional activities such as basketball and walking.