Rancheria High School
Garden of Children : Garden of Children

Rancheria High School’s Parenting program has evolved over the years. Starting with the realization that young parents had no way to complete their education unless their children were cared for, we have moved from allowing the children to be brought to class to providing a safe learning environment with a child care worker.

At first we played chase and pick up when young parents brought their children to class and the children systemically demolished the classroom. At one point, it was necessary to hire a childcare provider. The children were brought to Peachland Pre School that provided a safe setting for the children. Separation anxiety and younger children changed that. As young women went through pregnancy and then returned to class, it was apparent that in-class childcare was necessary. The childcare provider works with up to six children backed up by the parents and staff as necessary. This has provided a safe comfortable atmosphere where the children thrive in an informal playgroup and the parents are able to concentrate on their studies. It has a family feel that both parents and children enjoy.

Transportation has been a necessary component to our parenting program. Getting students to class depended on them having independent transportation for many years. This added to the irregular attendance. Students didn’t have cars. Those that had cars didn’t have insurance. Those that had insurance and cars didn’t have a license. Those that had a car, insurance and license didn’t have a reliable car.

When we were able to buy a van, the program took a step forward. Now we provide transportation. We haul babies, diaper bags and all the accouterments that are necessary for today’s children. Our parenting program is a work in progress. It evolves and changes according to our students’ needs and our ability to problem solve to satisfy those needs.

Our babies and children are prized by all the staff and offer a learning experience for all that encounter them. We seek to provide an educationally sound environment for them and their parents. That is why we call them "Our Garden of Children". They enrich and beautify our school.