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 Anderson Valley Unified School District 
P.O. Box 457
Boonville CA 95415
Fax (707)895-2665 
Anderson Valley Elementary School
12300 Anderson Valley Way
P.O. Box 830Boonville CA 95415
Welcome to Anderson Valley Unified School District 

Anderson Valley Unified School District’s population is approximately 635 students K-12. As of August 2010, there are roughly 275 students K-6 and 250 in grades 7-12. There are also 10-20 continuation students at Rancheria High School as well as some on Independent Study. The student population district-wide is approximately 65% Hispanic – bicultural and bi-literate.

Anderson Valley Elementary School serves approximately 275 students in grades K-6. Adjacent to the Elementary School is Peachland Preschool, a state-funded program, which serves an additional 50 students. A standards-based curriculum, emphasizing strong literacy technology lab, an automated school library, vocal and instrumental music instruction, visual arts, and physical education complete the program. Many before and after school enrichment, remediation and athletic programs are available.

AV Jr/Sr High School is a high-performing school with mentor support for new teachers, low class size, and weekly staff planning time. AVUSD is also the recipient of the ACES with a comprehensive after-school program.

Anderson Valley is located approximately 150 miles north of San Francisco. Nestled in between Cloverdale on the 101 corridor to the South East, and Highway 1 to the West, Anderson Valley is a unique, beautiful, and rural valley, accessible only by a winding two-lane country highway. Highway 128 parallels the Navarro River and travels through the tiny towns of Yorkville, Boonville, Philo and Navarro. Only about fifteen miles long, this beautiful valley is filled with panoramic views of apple orchards, olive groves, grazing sheep, vineyards and rolling hills studded with giant oaks in the southern portion of the valley, giving way to the beauty of the redwoods in the north.

Historically, the valley’s economy has been dominated by the lumber industry, the raising of sheep, and farming. In recent years, the addition of world-class wineries has been a growing source of economy for the valley.

The heart and soul of Anderson Valley lies in the town of Boonville. Founded in 1852, the largest of the Valley towns, Boonville has six restaurants, several shops that feature local artisans, and a world-class microbrewery. Boonville is also home to the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show as well as the Boonville Hotel. 

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