Our District

  • Anderson Valley Unified School District



    Inspire our community to be lifelong learners dedicated to personal excellence and responsible citizenship.


    Through collaboration with families and our community, Anderson Valley Unified School District is committed to:

    • Fostering integrity, self-motivation, curiosity, and creativity       in all students;
    • Teaching academic excellence and career preparation, as well as cultural and technological literacy, by offering challenging educational opportunities;
    • Celebrating the unique diversities within our community and developing a sense of social responsibility;
    • Supporting a caring, well-trained faculty and staff who promote creative expression and critical thinking; and,
    • Preparing students to demonstrate leadership, self-direction, confidence, and a strong work ethic to help guarantee a sustainable future.

    Anderson Valley is located approximately 150 miles north of San Francisco. Nestled in between Cloverdale on the 101 corridor to the South East, and Highway 1 to the West, Anderson Valley is a unique, beautiful, and rural valley, accessible only by a winding two-land country highway. Highway 128 parallels the Navarro River and travels through the tiny towns of Yorkville, Boonville, Philo and Navarro. Stretching 40 miles, this beautiful valley is filled with panoramic views of apple orchards, olive groves, grazing sheep, vineyards and rolling hills studded with giant oaks in the southern portion of the valley, giving way to the beauty of the redwoods in the north.

    Historically, the valley’s economy has been dominated by the lumber industry, the raising of sheep, and farming. In recent years, the addition of world-class wineries has been a growing source of economy for the valley.

    The heart and soul of Anderson Valley lies in the town of Boonville. Founded in 1852, the largest of the Valley towns, Boonville has six restaurants, several shops that feature local artisans, and a world-class microbrewery. Boonville is also home to the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show as well as the Boonville Hotel.

    From June through October, the Boonville Farmers Market functions as a hub for the local community to purchase home grown vegetables, berries, fruits, honey and olive oil as well as baked good from the local artisan bakers.  Just past the town of Boonville lies the quaint town of Philo where you can stop and enjoy a fresh fruit snack at Gowan’s Oak Tree fruit stand before you head north to Navarro.

    Navarro River Redwoods State Reserve is a favorite for all. The combination of redwoods, river and wildlife offer visitors endless hours of enjoyment. Second growth redwood groves stretch the length of the park. They are home for raccoons, black-tail deer, and river-oriented birds such as the belted kingfisher.

    Hendy Woods State Park is located in the middle of the Anderson Valley and offers two virgin redwood groves encompassing approximately 845 acres. The park is well known for the fallen redwood stump that was home for a man known locally as the Hendy Woods Hermit.

    Boontling is a folk language spoken only in Boonville, in the Anderson Valley of Northern California. It was invented in the late 1800s by a small group of Anderson Valley residents and had quite a following at the turn of the century. Boontling has more than a thousand unique words and phrases. Boontling flourished in the valley for as much as forty years and can still be heard by some of the codgy kimmies (old men). There may be very few Boont harpers (Boonling talkers) left and though the use of the language has certainly dwindled, the evidence of its existence can still be found if you know where to look!

    Anderson Valley Unified School District's population is approximately 500 students in grades PreK-12.

    There are 256 students K-6 and 230 in grades 7-12. There are also 14 continuation students at Rancheria High School as well as some on independent study. The student population is 75% Hispanic, 23% White and 2% Other, with all students provided the opportunity to graduate biliterate.

    Located in the town of Boonville, the High School is a high-performing school with mentor support for new teachers, low class size, and weekly staff planning time. AVUSD is also the recipient of 21st Century grant with a comprehensive after-school program.