• Welcome to the Anderson Valley Unified School Board webpage.  As the governing board our mission is to provide the best possible learning environment, strategic direction and guidance for Anderson Valley Unified School District.



    The Board must have a quorum of three members to take official action. Most actions are approved with a simple majority of the members present.

    Special Meeting

    Special meetings are held for the purpose of conducting official school district business which needs immediate attention and cannot be postponed to the next regularly scheduled meeting, or is of such an extensive nature that it cannot be completed at a regularly scheduled meeting.

     Public Hearing

    Public hearings are scheduled for the purpose of gathering community comment and input regarding matters relating to the conduct of the school district. Action on matters on which a public hearing has been held may be taken at a subsequent regular or special meeting.

    Meeting Procedures

     The governing board is subject to the Brown Act and uses Robert's Rules of Order to conduct business.  Here is a link to the download  Brown Act for download in .pdf format.


    The Board is composed of five members elected to serve overlapping terms. The Superintendent of Schools serves as the official member of the Board without the right to vote. The election of Board of Education occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November during even-numbered years, and all members are elected at-large. New board members take office the first Monday in January following the election.

    Board Meetings

    The Board of Education meets monthly on the second Tuesday unless otherwise noted. A brief Board of Education meeting (with consent agenda) held prior to the start of the monthly meeting is conducted if needed. Public input is heard at the commencement of the meeting with the agenda immediately following. Monthly meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. starting with closed session.  Open session typically starts at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at Anderson Valley High School, 18300 Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, CA.