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High School Baseball and Football Coaches

Announcement of Vacant Position

Anderson Valley Unified School District

HIgh School Baseball and Football Soccer Coaches

Open Until Filled


Under the direction of the Athletic Director, to coach sports team(s) activities and perform related duties.



The following required courses can be taken at

  • Fundamentals of Coaching
  • Concussion in Sports
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches



  1. Have knowledge of, follow and implement the rules and regulations of the CIF, NCS, CMC,AVHS and all rules that pertain to your sport as well as keep updated to changes as they happen. Information available at the following website: , ,   
  2. Verify that all student athletes are cleared by the office staff to participate before allowing them to play or practice.
  3. Make sure that team members and subordinate coaches understand and adhere to the NCS Code of Ethics, all AVHS policies and team roles.
  4. Report any violations to the Athletic Director.
  5. Look, act, sound and be professional at all times. (Coaches need to be aware of the tremendous influence they have on young people and conduct themselves appropriately at all times)
  6. Be responsible for the actions of all student athletes under your supervision as well as their mental and physical well-being.
  7. Provide direct supervision by a qualified coach at all times during athletics involving your student-athletes.
  8. List all equipment to be ordered well in advance and maintain a written inventory to be turned in at the end of each season.
  9. Complete an end of the season evaluation of assistant coaches and review this evaluation with those coaches.
  10.  Promote their sport within the school and community.
  11. Work in cooperation with other sports and coaches.
  12.  Not allow student-athletes to participate in any other sport until their current sport is over.
  13. Assist Anderson Valley Sports Boosters in fundraising events.
  14. Collect all equipment and uniforms at the end of each season and return to the AD. Inspect them and report deficiencies to the AD in the “end of year inventory”.
  15. Report all scores to the Press Democrat (1-800-660-5056) and Max Prep (
  16. Report all additions and drops to the team roster to the AD and Office Staff.
  17. Perform any and all other duties assigned.
  18. Coaches must remain with their players until parents pick them up from practice or games.


Application Process
In order to be considered for this position, the candidate must submit:

  • A completed application
  • A resume with clearly described education and employment background, including dates of employment at each organization.
  • A copy of any required degree or credential (if applicable)

Applications are available for pick up in the District Office. Please mail completed applications to:

Anderson Valley Unified School District
Human Resources
P.O. Box 457
Boonville, CA 95415